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    Lunch time walk and Stress Reliver

    About a week ago I used my lunch time to go for a walk, I was verystressed. I just wanted to stretch my legs and think a little about aproblem I was trying to solve. I was walking a couple blocks fromwork when an older well dressed gentleman turned the corner andwalking towards me. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. Hesmiled and said hello and I smiled back and we passed each other.After a few steps I looked back and at the same time he was lookingback at me. I started to turn away when he stopped turned and faceme, I stopped and turned towards him. We both walked back to eachother and exchanged greetings. He said I live around the corner if Iwanted to come home with him and I said yes. I walked to his buildingand pass the doorman who greeted us. Went up to his apartment andafter a drink started kissing. He unbuttoned by shirt and startedsucking my nipples and I gently held the back of his head, I neededthis. He rubbed by cock then took me over the to the couch and takemy cock out and started sucking it. We carried on for a while fromcock to mouth to nipples until I unloaded in his mouth and he took itall in. I got dress and left walking pass a smiling doorman who saidI hope you had a nice time then gave me his number. It was wonderfullunch time and great stress reliever.

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    Re: Lunch time walk and Stress Reliver

    Nice! Sometimes the stars align!



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