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    Wife's video reposted

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my excitement. I have shared some of my wife's videos and pictures on chatpic and then happened to find her reposted on erome. The hard on I have right now is insane. So many have viewed her and her content is out of my hands.

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Very nice!

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    she knows how to ride a cock

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Your wife is Purr-Fect!

    God that got me Hott!
    If it is to be, let it be with me

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Well one thing for sure she looks like she enjoyed it. Remember what gets posted on the web becomes public forever.

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    I followed the link.
    Wow! Your wife is sexy and fantastic. As a bi male I love BBW,S

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Wow... That is literally one fucking hot woman. Seeing those beautiful breasts bouncing up and down certainly made me wish I was there between her legs. Thanks for sharing her with us.

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Anyone shared her link on other apps or sites? That would be hot!

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Damn, I love it! Wish I could post videos of my gf being fucked. She's got some big tits that would bounce like that, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    I can see why you like to show her off , so hot and sexy , beautiful

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    As someone who has had his wife's pics and videos shared literally millions of times, nicely done!

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    Re: Wife's video reposted


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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Very nice!

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Love that curvy body.

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Very nice

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    Re: Wife's video reposted

    Oddly, some people are more open to viewing explicit pictures and videos of their spouse’s past sexual experiences than I am.

    I had no illusions that my wife was a virgin when we met. At 34 years old, I logically assumed she'd had pervious sexual partners, and I was accepting of that, as long as the past stayed in the past. But my wife seemed endlessly compelled to describe her sexual experiences with past boyfriends, sometimes in lurid detail.

    First she took me on a peculiar Saturday morning field trip to see the garage in which she lost her virginity. I didn’t need or want to hear how her then boyfriend/roommate took her from behind across the seat of his motorcycle during a drunken yard party, but I sort of took it in stride and said nothing. Then, a short time later, she started talking openly about her exploration of anal intercourse with the same guy. I guess I was hurt and because she wasn’t open to having anal sex with me, but I didn’t let on.

    Then she started talking incessantly about another boyfriend, and how she'd have to cover her face with a pillow to keep her cries of orgasmic joy from waking his kids in the next room. Like always, I said nothing, but who really wants to think about his wife having that much joy with another man?

    Then, some years ago, while my wife was out of town, I came across a cache of stuff, including a diary containing detailed -- and occasionally lurid -- accounts of her sexual experiences, explicit sex photos and a VHS tape of her having full-on sex with guys whose names she moaned as they fucked. “Oh Tom, I love having your cock inside me! Fuck me harder Greg! Don't cum yet, Chris! Oh, God, I'm really close!”

    I’m not the jealous type, and lord knows, I’ve got a boatload of my own sexual secrets, but my wife's video was more than I could handle.
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